PAT Testing Companies in Birmingham


Ubitec is a leading electrical, security and building maintenance specialist within the West Midlands.

PAT Testing Companies in Birmingham

Ubitec offer an excellent PAT Testing Birmingham (portable appliance testing) located service, which is a process that all public buildings and places of work legally need.

Ubitec are highly qualified and experienced to carry out PAT Testing and understand exactly how to ensure maximum safety with all clients. Ubitec will evaluate each individual situation where PAT Testing Birmingham is required, as depending on the type of environment the equipment is operating in, the testing frequency can range between 3-48 months.

We use computerised test instruments to carry out PAT Testing. Not only do these instruments have the ability to gather test results in a downloadable software format, but they have also been specifically designed to safely carry out testing of sensitive equipment without causing any damage to the electronics within.

Our PAT Testing instruments are extremely accurate, fast and reliable. This means highly competitive pricing, less time on-site and no hand written test results.

We have a huge portfolio of clients who already engage the services of Format Electrical Services Ltd (FES) to undertake routine PAT Testing Birmingham. We carry out testing at many thousands of sites on a national basis.

As such, our PAT Testing Birmingham based engineers have a great deal of experience of working within most environments. They are able to carry out testing quickly and efficiently whilst causing the absolute minimum of disruption to the daily activities of your staff and business.

We will carry out minor remedial (REM) work at the time of test, such as change incorrectly sized fuses, remake, or replace damaged plug-tops if required. Also, having agreed appropriate test intervals with you, we will even remind you before your next test becomes due.

PAT Testing Birmingham Results

Having completed testing, the results are presented in a high quality report, which includes the following: -

  • Asset Register (inventory of all items tested, together with locations)
  • Test Data (details and result readings of all tests carried out on each appliance)
  • Failure Sheet (a listing of any failures encountered showing reason for failure)
  • Failure Sheet (a duplicate handed to the site representative at time of test)