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emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is crucial element to a business or public premises. It is used in situations when the main power supply fails, leading to sudden darkness and a possible danger to the people in the building.

We can provide recommendations, designs, installations and maintenance services in this area, as it is imperative to get right in the event of a power failure for the safety of occupants in a premises.

We can accommodate any type of emergency lighting you require, such as providing fire exit signs, bulkheads, luminaires, and more.

Emergency lighting consists of one or more high-powered LED lights or incandescent bulbs and all have a reflector to focus and accentuate the light. It is important to fully understand these systems and we are here to provide help, suggestions to all organisations to ensure the upmost safety is kept and maintained.

We are able to offer specialist solutions for all types of emergency lighting needs, in any building size, just get in touch to find out how we can provide the right emergency lighting for you.